Elite Environmental Services, LLC provides confidential and professional industrial hygiene services for our clients, helping them to reach their environmental, health and safety goals through expert anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of hazardous materials in the workplace.

We are an industrial hygiene consulting company serving Northwestern United States. Elite Environmental Services experienced staff is comprised of Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, AHERA Building Inspectors, AHERA Project Designers, AHERA Management Planners, Washington State Department of Commerce Lead Inspectors, Risk Assessors, Industrial Hygiene Technicians and support staff. We offer a wide range of environmental disciplines, enabling us to deliver cost effective solutions for your project from residential through commercial properties.


Elite Environmental Services begins each  project  by  acquiring  a  thorough  understanding  of  our  client's objectives for their proposed  project.   Based on these objectives, Elite Environmental Services will prepare an intelligent, cost effective proposal to meet our client's goals and time schedule and if applicable, will prepare the  required  documents  for  submittal  to  the  respective  regulatory  agencies. Elite Environmental Services is well versed in applying the appropriate regulations to our client's projects. Our staff has the necessary skills and certifications to perform these tasks in accordance with the acceptable practices. The following is a list of services provided by Elite Environmental Services:

·Hazardous Materials Inventory


oLead (Pb)




·IAQ Investigations

oOccupant Interviews


oMoisture/Vapor Intrusions


oHVAC System Evaluation


·Protocol development for remediation/abatement

·Third party exit evaluations

·Abatement contractor appointment and project oversite

·Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

·Phase II Site Investigations


When requested, we can provide fees for a specific scope of services including a proposed project time-schedule for completing the project. We are flexible in our approach regarding schedules and will adapt to meet our client's needs


Elite Environmental Services offers a full array of environmental services, including environmental investigations for due diligence/regulatory compliance; hazardous materials services; indoor air quality assessments and mold assessments. A description of these capabilities is provided below.

Phase I ESA

Determining environmental conditions and identification of potential contamination on a piece of land is one of the most important steps in a real estate transaction.

In today’s busy real estate market, businesses and lending institutions are often requiring a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to be conducted prior to any transactions of land or building purchases, new development and bank loans. Conducting an ESA limits the potential for the owner or lender of the property from being named as a potentially responsible party.

Elite Environmental Services performs all Phase I ESA’s in conformance with the scope and limitations of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard E-1527-05. The purpose for conducting an ESA is to assess any current or historical land use practices and to identify the presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on or adjacent to the property of interest.

Elite Environmental Services includes the following information in all Phase I ESA reports.

  1. Historical review of property
  2. Government environmental database review
  3. Inspection of property and surrounding areas
  4. Interviews with owners and occupants
  5. Site plan of the property
  6. Digital photographs
  7. Aerial photographs
  8. Conclusions regarding potential liabilities
  9. Recommendations.

Phase II ESA

The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment evaluates potential sources that may be contaminated, such as air quality, soil and water. Samples are collected from the above-mentioned sources and are analyzed for particular constituents of concern by EPA approved laboratories.

Asbestos Surveys

Elite Environmental Services specializes in providing a comprehensive asbestos consultancy service tailored to the client’s individual requirements while following applicable OSHA and EPA regulations. Elite Environmental Services maintains a staff of EPA registered building inspectors to manage and perform asbestos surveys and abatement projects.

When you are considering renovation or demolition:

  • Elite Environmental Services will survey the building to identify existing asbestos materials followed with a detailed report of findings;
  • Develop site specific abatement design
  • Collect bids from reputable contractors and
  • Project oversight
  • Conduct exit evaluation


Elite Environmental Services routinely conduct site specific indoor air quality investigations specific to molds in both residential and commercial environments adhering to a number of government authorities including the United States EPA, California Department of Health Services and New York City Department of Health.

Our Surveys Include:

  • Detailed assessment of the facility utilizing state of the art equipment;
  • Collection of surface and air samples to aid in identifying the genus makeup and count;
  • A detailed report of our findings and recommendations;
  • Develop a detailed remediation specification to aid the remediation and
  • Contractor appointment 
  • Project oversight
  • Conduct exit evaluation


Elite Environmental Services specializes in site specific indoor air quality investigations in both residential and commercial environments. Typical indoor air quality investigations have variable components and are usually driven by cost and client objectives and may include the following:

  • Biological / Mold Contamination
  • Ventilation (HVAC Symptoms)
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Radon Testing
  • Noise Survey
  • Ozone Testing
  • Particulate/Chemical Monitoring
  • Occupant interviews

Our team have decades of experience in identifying and correcting air quality issues; we are the solution. Our IAQ surveys are designed to identify contaminants resulting from design or equipment failure, catastrophe (fire, flood, etc.) new construction and renovation.

Our reports are generated with conclusions drawn from data collected and recommendations are made to either reduce the impact of the stressor or mitigate it altogether.

Lead-Based Paint

Elite Environmental Services is staffed with certified Washington State Department of Commerce Certified Lead (Pb) Inspectors, Risk Assessors trained and experienced in inspections, assessment and monitoring of lead. Elite Environmental Services LBP Surveys are typically performed using a nonintrusive X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer or the collection of paint chip samples.

Paint or other coatings with levels above the established threshold of lead concentrations equal to or greater than 1.0 milligram per square centimeter (mg/cm²) or 0.5% lead by weight, as defined by Title X of the 1992 Housing and Community Development Act are considered lead-based.

Our lead-based paint services include:

  • Building surveys and reports;
  • Development of remediation plans;
  • Project bidding assistance and
  • Remedial oversite
  • Conduct exit evaluation

Our comprehensive LBP Inspection reports identify lead-based painted surfaces with information about the location and condition of the paint. A lead paint inspection is appropriate for property owners who need to know where lead-based paint is located, such as in the following situations:

  • People considering renovation, remodeling or demolition work that would disturb painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards unless proper precautions are followed;
  • Rental property owners seeking exemption from the federal lead disclosure requirements by demonstrating that a specific property does not contain lead-based paint;
  • Rental property owners who might need or desire documentation about lead based paint for insurance/financing or
  • Those facing a state or local requirement to abate all lead-based paint.


Hazardous Materials Inventory

Elite Environmental Services team provides services related to the identification and management of hazardous and regulated building materials encountered during renovation and demolition projects, and for their ongoing use/ management.

Many common building materials/items contain hazardous/regulated chemicals and/or materials (ACM, LBP, PCB, Hg, etc.) that require proper handling and/or disposal. Elite Environmental Services can lead the way and take the guesswork out of your next renovation project.

These materials may include:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead-based paint
  • PCB containing transformers and caulking
  • PCB/DEHP fluorescent light ballasts
  • Mercury containing fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury thermostats/switches
  • Underground and above ground storage tanks (USTs/ASTs)
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)