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We care about the air you breathe.

People are often concerned that they have symptoms or health conditions from exposures to contaminants where they work or live. If you, or others, are experiencing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, eye irritation or other common BRS (Building-Related Sickness) symptoms - it may be time to have the environment contaminant sources researched, controlled and monitored to prevent IEQ problems.  

That's what we do!

indoor Enviornmental Quality (IEQ):

What is Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)?

The quality of the air and environment inside buildings - homes, schools, workplaces - that contribute to a healthy and comfortable place to live and work. The air can be influenced by chemical, biological, and physical agents that may come from occupant activities, building materials or may be naturally occurring. Other agents that can affect the IEQ include temperature, insects, rodents, dust/dirt, carbon monoxide (CO), mold, bacteria/viruses, moisture, chemicals, ventilation, allergens, etc.

Why now?

  • Tighter building construction and reduced levels of outside air brought inside for energy conservation.

  • New building materials—glues, particle board

  • New construction techniques

  • Increased awareness

Why is IEQ important?

  • Inside air can be many times more polluted than the outside air.

  • People spend 90% of their time inside.

  • It can impact health - asthma and other respiratory diseases, eye and nose irritations, headaches, dizziness, fatigue.


Poor IEQ, especially from air quality concerns, is a serious concern for homeowners, employers and building managers, potentially creating a loss in health, time, money and government penalties. IEQ Investigations are most often requested prior to renovation or transfer of property, as well as to address employee complaints or Building Related Illnesses.

Elite Environmental Services conducts each assessment with occupant or owner interviews for a historical perspective of the facility that may be contributing to the contaminant source or IEQ deficiency as well as initial observations to aid in developing an assessment protocol.


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Our Site Surveys Typically Include

Observations Within and Around the Building Envelope

Conduct Occupant Interviews

Develop a Sampling Protocol

Recommend Solutions

R:  147 G:  255 B:  164 X:54188 Y:    0 S:  546 Z:   52 F:  136

Our focus is to investigate, identify, and sample hazardous materials, like:




VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Radon (Pb)


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