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People are often concerned that they have symptoms or health conditions from exposures to contaminants where they work or live. The built environment contaminant sources should be researched, controlled and monitored to prevent IEQ problems.

Elite Environmental Services conducts each assessment with occupant or owner interviews for a historical perspective of the facility that may be contributing to the contaminant source or IEQ deficiency as well as initial observations to aid in developing an assessment protocol.

Elite Environmental Services have conducted numerous built environment evaluations for residential and commercial properties and incorporated sound building science principles so we can offer real cost-effective solutions to your specific needs. Our certified consultants are well versed in the built environment and care about getting your project completed safely and correctly. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on improving your indoor environmental quality.


IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality, a phrase that is synonymous with the broader term Indoor Environmental Quality or IEQ.  Elite Environmental Services goal is assessing the built environment to attain the indoor environment healthy and comfortable.

IEQ is determined by many factors, including noise, lighting, indoor temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation. Building occupants and visitors may be exposed to a variety of contaminants from office machines, cleaning products, construction activities, carpets and furnishings, perfumes, cigarette smoke, water-damaged building materials, microbial growth, insects, and outdoor pollutants. Sources of air and surface contamination may be constant or intermittent or may be linked to single event.